Pet Grooming

A pet is supposed to be furry, but excess fur can be a bad thing. Sometimes, your pet just needs to get his or her hair clipped down to a more reasonable level. If this sounds like something your dog or cat needs, you’ll want to contact a pet salon right away!

At Renate's Grooming & Boarding in New Braunfels, TX, we do more than just clip a few tufts of fur. We’ll give your pet the full pet spa treatment, brushing and clipping the fur until he or she looks like the best in show! Your cat or dog will look better and feel better if you hire a full service pet groomer from Renate's Grooming & Boarding !

Not all pets enjoy grooming. Fortunately, the best cat or dog groomer will know all the tricks to get even the most fidgety pet to sit down and endure the process. Our pet grooming professionals are the experts when it comes to our pet grooming service.

If you’re interested in getting dog and cat grooming services, we can help. Renate's Grooming & Boarding has been helping the canine and kitty community of New Braunfels, TX, for several years and can’t wait to help you!